What do you all think of this. I was prescribed clonazepam for panic attacks. Teva was the manufacturer I took for several year's. Up until Teva stopped making clonazepam. I was prescribed clonazepam few months ago made by Accord which didn't help the anxiety. My current prescription is Klonopin name brand but I find that it gets me groggy and jittery and I feel dizzy. I've been on name brand Klonopin for 2 month's and I'm thinking about going back to generic version. Question is will the switch from generic to name brand back to generic mess me up? If not, I'm wondering what generic manufacturer is similar to Teva? Klonopin name brand is causing more panic attacks. Could it be my system is getting use to name brand and eventually these side effects will pass? Or should I just ask my doctor to switch me back to generic?