My boyfriend has just admitted to me that he relapsed on heroine, or "mucked up and used dope"
He was previously using heroine for a total of about 7 mos.. started 11/09, in 05/10 went on methadone, mid-June used suboxone to taper off to nothing within about 3 weeks.
So he last used suboxone about a month ago. and to be honest I'm not sure how many times my boyfriend has used heroine since he finished the suboxone. Until recently I thought he was doing good and feeling back to normal. The past week and a half though I KNEW he was on SOMETHING, and I told him i'm done/moving out, and this is why he admitted to the heroine (i actually had suspicions that he was using cocaine, so this was a shock today)
I was hoping to get some insight on how hard it will be for him to quit this time. He could have been using for the past few days, or maybe even the past month.
He plans to get some suboxones and taper to nothing again. I experienced his last withdrawals, and wonder if they'll be the same this time around.

Also I've read a lot of posts about relapses and about trying to help a heroine user. I admit that I know very little about it. I knew nothing about H, period, until my boyfriend first told me he was using, and I got all my info from the internet.

He knows I'm afraid I can't help him on my own, and I know he does not want to go to a treatment center or rehab, or even counseling or NA, but he does want to quit. I am going to suggest that he see a therapist at least once since its offered free through work, but what else can we do to help him stay strong this time around?