I am on 40 mils of oxycodone and 60 mils of oxycontin a day for severe back pain.I also have anxiety attacks and take a little xanax,.5 to .10,a day.I want to get off the xanax so I asked my Dr. for something else and he gave me Neurontin 100mil. yesterday.I took one at 5:30 pm and another before bed at 10.I felt sort of good.This morning I took a neurontin whe I got up at 6:30 and 20 mil of oxycodone and 20 of oxycontin an hour later.That is how I usually take the pain meds because my back hurts when I wake up.This morning an hour after taking the pain meds I felt them very strongly and then began to feel very weird and shakey.My Doc hasn't called back yet,so I thought I'd try this group.I still feel awful and just took .5 xanxax.It's 1 pm and normally I would take more pain meds and I'm supposed to take another neurontin now too,but I'm afraid to take one because I feel so weird.Is this how these two drugs usually interact with each other or am I just having a bad reaction?