I came of citalopram 4 months ago, sadly coming off citalopram was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through, and I’ve been through some tough times. It sent me into a very dark place, nearly life ending place..

The doctors then felt I should go onto mirtazapine, I’ve been on it for nearly 5 weeks, 4 weeks on 15mg which was tough, and so fare 1 wk on 30mg.

I’m a lucky one by the looks of it as I’m not really suffering any side effects apart from one.

On 15mg I was struggling to wake up, but worst, I was struggling to get out of bed. Just No drive at all.

I’m now on 30mg and I’m 1 wk in, I’m now OK waking up at 8am when my alarm goes, but then trying to get out of bed is a massive struggle.

My question is, will it get easier from other experiences?

Apart from that problem my anxiety & depression is starting to improve, but not being able to get out of bed is causing all sorts of problems. Delaying my days, making my feel bad about not being able to get up etc etc…

Any help would be gratefully received.