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Methylprednisolone - Does it cause weight gain?

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yvonne36 21 Aug 2022


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endlessPred 3 July 2012

Your question is good but you don't seem to understand the use of the drug. People gain weight on this because of diet. They can moan and blame but it always comes down to diet. A low salt, careful diet will keep the weight gain very minimal. It is water weight and will disappear after you are done with the med.

However, you are missing the boat. You are choosing vanity over health. Are you sure you understand that? generally the corticosteroids like that are temporary. For example, you may be receiving a drug that might cause an allergic response and they give you a big dose of the methyl to prevent a reaction. It is in and out of your system fairly quickly and you have no weight gain. For longer treatments you have to be smart. If you have a food addiction you will eat. It is up to you. Stay away from the carbs and eat fresh fruits and veggies. We eat anyway, choice is the answer.


For every story of massive weight gain you may hear, there are thousands of others without any real problem. Again, your choice.

Doctors do not give out steroids for the heck of it. Take what the doc says, get the treatment they feel you need. These are powerful anti inflammatory meds. That is what you say you have, an inflammatory disease. Do it, please, the results without are pain and shortened life.

Write again and tell me more about your condition. Actual meds you are on. You may be surprised how many will understand. Wishing you wellness. Karen

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kaismama 3 July 2012

Very good explanation Karen.

endlessPred 3 July 2012

Thanks. Let's hope this person is well soon.

Furbabymom 13 Aug 2018

I disagree with your weight gain response. I am doing the Keto diet. Losing 10 pounds first week. I have Rhumatoid Arthritis and when I get a flare the pain Is horrific. I always have a emergency Dose Pack of methelprednesolone. Once the pain reaches the horrific stage I am forced to take the dose pack as I get so sore body wide. I have had to take the steroids. You stated this medication makes everyone hungry. I have not felt hunger at all yet after losing 10 pounds at Saturday's weigh in. I gained 15 pounds. In 6 days bc and never changed my keto way of eating in fact, I ate much less than my regular keto daily menu die to having a fever of 103 from the R.A flare. So I disagree weight gain on this medication is not only because some people feel .hungry. It had to do with fluid. Again I ate the same foods this week as I ate the week I lost 10 pounds. No changes. And I still gained 15 pounds. I believe everyone is different and their bodies react different to this Drug.


Again this week I ate same keto foods took steroids and gained. 15 pounds. I will not be using prednisone again during this diet unless I am in major pain. I just hope I can battle on thru the pain without having to give in and use a dose pack for pain. Here's hoping

kaismama 3 July 2012

Steroids will cause weight gain, alot of it water, with extended use. Your doctor would not prescribe it if it wasn't deemed necessary for you. Have you discussed it with him/her?

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