I currently don't have any diagnosis of any kind mental or physical. My problem is that I dream from the minute I fall asleep to the minute I wake up!!! I don't remember all of what I dreamed but sometimes it's nightmares sometimes it's not. And I know some people think that maybe the sections I don't remember are where I stop dreaming even if only shortly but it's not. I jerk myself awake on a good night only 2-3 times on a bad night 10-20 times and it's like why did I bother going to sleep. And I'll even wake up in the middle of dreaming to get a drink or go to the bathroom and the minute I lay back down a fall back asleep I pick up right where I left off!! My husband says though I sleep like a dead person and am really hard to wake up that I toss and turn, talk, grind my teeth, jerk pretty hard at random times. And though it doesn't happen to often he's said if it wasn't for small movements he's thought something might be wrong and has actually woke me up worried I was going into a coma or something. But most nights no matter how much I sleep wether it's a few hours or all night the dreaming never stops!!!