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Does anyone else have problems with nightly vivid dreams on Abilify?


chuck1957 13 Feb 2017

gritslp; Your question is a bit confusing I see you asking about the Vivid dreams on Abilify but just after that your saying your already having them on the Wellbutrin. I do know that with Abilify some people do have some very vivid thoughts be it at bedtime or during the day. But if you are already having them on Wellbutrin and you add the Abilify that it sounds like your having problems with. I think that you should check with your doctor to figure out which one is giving you the most problems. Good luck to you but if it were me that is the way I would go about it.

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gritslp 14 Feb 2017

Thank you so much for the input.

mundling 13 Feb 2017

I do great with Ability but Welbutrin gives me the most gruesome nightmares.

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