Lorazepam has, as far as I know, only ever been available in tablets of 1mg and 2.5mg; I have never met anyone at my sufferers' group who has been prescribed anything other than multiples of these. I thought 2mg tablets were only sold in India and Pakistan & you would need a pill splitter to get anything below 1mg (what good would such a low dose as 0.5mg do anyway?). Also I try whenever possible to get 2 x 90 day Rx forms for original ex-Wyeth Pfizer 2.5mg Temesta, Tavor or Ativan (usually Temesta as I am in the UK) for dispense in a nearby EU country, as only Metwest generic is close to that quality and most pharmacies stock the Genus pills, which I find pretty poor compared. Some doctors will write me my former Xanax (brand) 2mg tds in those times. Some strange dosages are being used here, I just can't understand why or how!