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How many 1mg lorazepam would it take to equal one 5mg diazepam?

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simonpashley00 5 April 2020

I don't know

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Sharlean 15 Dec 2018

I was told by both my doctor and pharmacist that lorazepam is stronger than valium. I've been taking valium for so long. It doesn't even work anymore. My doctor said... 1mg of lorazepam is equal to 10mg of valium. By both of them. So that's just what I was told. I hope that helps. Took 2mg of lorazepam at 4pm and it's 7:15pm and I'm flying.

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lap1026 7 July 2018

1 mg of lorazepam is equal to 5 mg of valium. I'm sorry but the answer below is incorrect.

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MacIntosh12 19 Nov 2012

kaismama is right. Or one could say that one loraz is equal to 10mgs diaz... right kaismama? BTW, Kai is a beautiful name! I've been meaning to tell you that, my friend.

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Inactive 19 Nov 2012

I agree, Kai was the name of our grandson we lost... Mary

kaismama 19 Nov 2012

That's a shame Mary. I'm so sorry for you. Kai is my little dog, a japanese chin. His name is Mitsukai, but I doubt he'd even know that name.

MacIntosh12 19 Nov 2012

That ALways makes me want to just put me head on my desk and sob, Mary.

happybrandee 20 Nov 2012

Kaismama... I thought that it was the name of one of your kids! It's good to see that you are a dog lover! so am I... I have a beagle and my baby who's a red mini-Dachshund! :))

kaismama 20 Nov 2012

My kids are grown and not cute anymore, lolol... All I have at home now are my 2 little furry babies. One, Kai, is 13 tho.

MacIntosh12 20 Nov 2012

Hi all, I'm a dog lover as well as kaismama and Mary. They (dogs) are theraputic (sp) and even lower ones blood pressure, or so goes a study done by Stamford U.

km, I really wish you'd pick a different avatar, this one makes you appear as a crabby old lady, which you are NOT!! I mean that with love, no mean or nasty motive, just a comment.
Mac, or Lara

happybrandee 21 Nov 2012

I agree Mac, and I mean that with no mean intentions too... :)) and I just love my little dachshund, she is my little "Shadow"!! :)

MacIntosh12 23 Nov 2012

You've a dachsund, they are darling and usually li'l spitfire's, or so I've found. Is your dachsund a bundle of energy?
I've a mutt... I asked for the ugliest pup that the shelter had, and I brought here home at the end of december, she road the whole way (1 1/2 hours ride) home on my lap with a blanket over her.
I wish we could post pics on here sometimes!! My avatar would be a dog, if we could do that. Sure would be great, to see what other ppl look like.
Yer friend,

happybrandee 24 Nov 2012

Yeah I have a little Red Mini-Dachshund!! she's a purebread! We also have 2 other dogs both of them are mutts and one of them is a rescue puppy!! We had 4 dogs up until a few months ago, our other dog had a stroke and we had to have him put to sleep but had him creamated and I have his ashes in a beautiful box in my living room along with his paw print. but yes my dixie is a little bundle of energy!!! lol She will be 5 yrs old on Dec 2nd! She had surgery when she was 3 for bladder stones and we just found out 2 weeks ago that she has 2 more bladder stones so she needs surgery again! but Bladder stones aren't too serious, they are just uncomfortable. The last time she had blood in her urine almost every time that she peed but this time I've only seen a spot of blood and that was why I took her in to be checked.


after the first time that she had them, we pad trained her so that we could keep an eye on her urine in case she ever had blood in it again so that we could catch it early and we did. but she is my little angel!! I wish that we could actually put pix up on here too because I would make her my avitar! lol I have a facebook page, but a lot of ppl on here don't even want to know that either.

happybrandee 24 Nov 2012

I meant doxie, not dixie, my dachshund's name is Muffin! lol

MacIntosh12 26 Nov 2012

Hi Brandee, I'm typing with a thumb stabilizer, so pardon my typos!
So sorry to learn about Doxie's bladder, I'm sure that surgery gets expensive.
My dog just had a tooth pulled, actually it was just the nerve, not a tooth, and the bill was $712.00. I wanted to just blow a gasket over that bill. I asked the vet "Wait a tic... one nerve pulled out, and it's over $700.00? That's more than a human dental procedure of the same ilk!" She (the vet) was none too pleased, as there were other peeps in the waiting room, they heard me complain and she was worried some might think twice and leave their office. Sorry gang, I didn't mean to go on like this!!
But vet care is so expensive!! My dentist doesn't charge that much to remove an entire tooth. Argh, not going to that place again. It's the principal of the thing!!

jonessantana 8 Feb 2015

2mg of lorazapan, or Ativan is pretty much equal to 10 mg. of Valium

Tpharmtech83 8 Feb 2017

Lorazapam is a benzo but unlike valuim which is very short acting lorazapam is a little longer lasting. ..unfortunately it is the only benzodiazapine that causes hallucinations if more than 4 mg. Is taken... which the upside is there's less potential for abuse because u brain pretty much makes u go to sleep as a defense mechanism against the hallucinations! You can overdose on all benzos but lorazapam is one of the safer ones! Lorazapam is dosed like clonopin... 2/3 mg. Tops as the highest dosage!

kaismama 19 Nov 2012

1/2 of the lorazepam is equivalent to valium 5 mg.

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