My doctor precribed me these medication for my depression.

*Bupropion HCL SR 100mg (1 tablet twice a day)
*Trazadone 50mg (1 tablet every night before bedtime)
I also plan on taking these dietary supplements called Bustmaxx for breast enlargement (take 2 capsules at once)

I'm unsure of how many hours I should take the antidepressants and Bustmaxx in between.
I'm trying to set up a schedule of which I can adapt to in order to take the antidepressants and Bustmaxx.

Morning - Bupropion
Noon - Bustmaxx
Afternoon - Bupropion
Evening or before bed - Trazadone

Something along in the lines of that. How many hours should I space it out?

Note - My doctor actually never gave me any instructions or suggestions for the timing actually. I tried calling her but she won't be back for another two weeks..