Let me explain this better... I was prescribed Wellbutrin (bupropion) 100mg a few months ago, and the pills have always been round and "purple" (they look pink to me) with an imprint on one side reading "APO" and the other side reading "BUP 100". I refilled my prescription yesterday, like I do every month, looked at the bottle and it was the same label as always. But when I opened the bottle, the pills were round and blue. When I looked at them closer, the imprint on them reads "E 410".
I looked them both up on the pill identifier to see what the difference was, and this new blue pill is (according to this website) Extended Release.
I've been taking the pink/purple pills once per day, so what does Extended Release mean for me??? (They are both 100mg).
I run out of my regular Wellbutrin in 3 days, but I'm afraid to start taking these new ones, because of the "extended release". I'm just a little confused why this even happened??
It is Saturday night and the pharmacy won't be open until Monday - should I wait to call them and get the correct pills? Or can someone here help me out first?