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Lorazepam - I have been taking 0.5mg of Ativan for 10 years and want quit. I don't know how?

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BenzoInfoDotCom 21 Aug 2017

Check out the Ashton Manual online. Also consider checking the Benzodiazepine Information Coalitions get help section.

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Windchimes123 21 Aug 2017

If it helps...
You are on a small dose if it's one per day.
Follow your docs schedule for tapering.
Don't be in a rush. Stay at each stage until you feel like you have no symptoms.
Prepare yourself emotionally because withdrawal is a large part of reaching for the pills when you feel anxiety. Substitute something in its place.
Best wishes

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chuck1957 20 Aug 2017

Yes, I am with Jannie with this one you have been on it for 10 years so it must be tapered off of slowly you should make a doctors appointment and discuss coming off of it. And get the doctor to write down the directions because sometimes when you're coming off of the Atavin LORAZEPAM you sometimes get confused. Good luck to you

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janiebme 20 Aug 2017

Hi rajohnson-
You can talk to your doctor about a tapering schedule. You have been on the Ativan a long time. It may take you months to slowly taper off. You can talk to a pharmacist also.
Hope it all goes well for you.

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