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I have been losing my hair since taking levothyroxine. What will make my hair grow back?

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lhamilton12229 9 Sep 2020

Ladies I have been on Thyroid Meds for 24 years. Levothyroxine is the generic form. Try Synthroid. Some people can't take the generic. I can't. Doesn't work. When your numbers go down you will loose hair. I hope you get your blood checked every 3 mos. It is very important. Hope this helps. Also there are shampoos that will slow down the loss. Keratin Shampoo System and Nioxin Shampoo

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cransom07 25 Oct 2019

It is a fact that levothyroxine causes hair loss. I am on 150 mg because I had my thyroid removed due to thyroid cancer. I am constantly cleaning up clumps of hair from my bathroom floor. I was told this was temporary, but Doctor insists I stay on high dosage to keep cancer from coming back. I use Revlon thickening shampoo, or if you use any shampoo with Eucalyptus it can stimulate hair follicles. I do notice some hair trying to regrow, so all is not lost.

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Hcap 16 Oct 2019

Sorry to everyone else saying that Levothyroxine doesn't cause hair loss, but I experienced the same symptoms. I was on a 25 mcg dose, then upped to 50 mcg in the past 2 years and I noticed thinning and hair loss around the temples and forehead. My doctor recently took me off because I was missing doses and my TSH level was low enough where he felt comfortable taking me off considering the situation. I have been off for 1 month now and I am already noticing hair starting to grow back on my temples and forehead. All in all, hair loss is a documented side effect of Levothyroxine and I definitely experienced it. 31 year old male.

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fferree 7 Nov 2018

I have read on the web that a side effect of levothyroxine is hair loss. I experienced this myself.

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Whiteskye 7 Nov 2018

In 2016 I visited a spa, where there were qualified medical doctors and they advised my thyroid was low and prescribed (Thyrex) levothyroxine. After about six weeks I noticed my hair band was full of hair, then the washer dryer had hard balls of hair in it, then when putting my distance glasses on, there were long clumps of hair all around my apartment. As I washed my hair in the shower clumps of hair bubbled up from the drain, or if I ran my fingers through my hair, there was hair in them, or when I combed my hair. Now although I have been through the menopause, I was very proud to have a full head of healthy hair, so it was distressing to lose it.
I called the NHS helpline, who kindly told me I could get a wig on the NHS and not to stop taking the medication as I would "feel better". But I had been feeling well and certainly did not want to wear a wig! They said my hair loss was due to the low thyroid!


Here I should add that I had no symptoms of low thyroid. My hands are warm, I had a full head of hair, in fact it was abundant and I was not feeling lethargic or suffering dry skin. So, I put the Levothyroxine into reverse and started taking half a dose and then every other day until I stopped. A few months later, my hairdresser held my hair up with a comb and we could see all the new hair in a straight line where the hair had grown again. Since then, my hairdresser has told me my hair is almost back to where it was and as she was styling it last week, I could see fresh new hair fluffing up.
This medication must be prescribed when people are unwell, but there are reports it is being over-prescribed and the possible side affects, such as loss of bone density, increased heart rate, irregular heartbeats, raised blood pressure, should be taken into consideration.
My reply is evidence the hair loss was due to the medication and not a symptom of low thyroid.
The hair loss was not permanent so it can grow back again, discuss it with your doctor. Don't be palmed off with hair loss is due to low thyroid and not the medication itself! Perhaps it can be changed!

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beaver16 1 April 2018

I have been taking 100mg levothyroxine once a day for approx 20 years and tolerated it well. That was until about 6 weeks ago when my prescription was filled with a different brand called Actavis. Within a couple of weeks my hair was shedding more than usual and when I washed it, it fell out dramatically. I reckon within a month I had lost more than 50% of my hair. I started to investigate on line and found many many people posting the same side effect. When I looked at the ingredients in my old brand there were only 4 whereas the Actavis brand has 6 and according to my pharmacist contained "bulking agent"! I stopped taking it 2 weeks ago in the hope the hair loss lessens in time and if it does then it proves I have a reaction to that particular brand. I appreciate I cant stop taking Levothyroxine so have requested a referral to a specialist to investigate. Its been a very traumatic time and I sympathise and support anyone who is going through this!

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LauraGilbertson 1 April 2018

Oh dear I feel for you I have heard switching a type of medication can really have an effect. Hair loss has been a symptom for me for nearly 3 years and starting on Levo. I am on a Teva brand now but my local doctors have run out of it so trying to give me a different brand which I’m scared about as I know this can cause hair loss though it does settle down after a bit I have heard. Out of interest which brand were you taking before?

Ameebee 12 June 2018

I've been on Levothyroxine 50 for two years. I had been sick just before my last two blood draws (6 months apart). My doctor called me and said he had called in a prescription. He asked me if I had been tired, forgetful; no to all of the usual symptoms. I could sleep 7 hours and go all day. My hair loss has not stopped. When I comb my hair after washing it, multiple hairstrands come out in one area. My hair is now much thinner, dry, and has no body at all. I still have the same energy level I had before levothyroxine. I read that cough medications can affect thyroid levels. I had been taking cough meds both times before the last two blood draws for sinus infections. Blood draws since Levothyroxine have been in the normal range. I'm wondering if I really need it.

Jacksll 3 March 2018

I been losing my hair it been looking thin.

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Coco23 15 Feb 2018

Actually the meds do cause hair loss..after starting levothyroxine I lost my hair on my head the entire left side... turns out the dye in the purple pill.75 some people are allergic

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dinoitalia 1 Feb 2018

I was just prescribed Levothyroxine and am very concerned about the hair loss side effect. Can someone recommend an all natural alternative to this medication without a hair loss side effect.

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cyndik90 11 June 2018

Hi there! When I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism back in Feb of 2017, I was prescribed Nature Throid (50 mcg). I did well on that medication for a 1 yr. I did not experience any side effects. My hair did not fall out nor was it dry. Nature Throid ran out and has been on back order, since then my doctor put me on Levothyroxine 50 mcgs. I've had so much hair fall out in the last 4 months, its been so scary! My doctor did ask me to try Rogaine for women and 1000 mg of Biotene. It's been a month on both options but still my hair is falling in crazy amounts.

fitishka 20 Jan 2018

I'm posting this response in hope to help someone else with the same problem. I had initial hair loss on this medication. It lasted for 3 months. During that time i learned that low Ferritin is very common in hypothyroid patients. Ferritin is sort of like iron storage in our body. Iron on another hand is #1 reason for hair loss in women. So about 2-3 weeks ago I started taking ferritin supplement. Not sure if supplement worked or i got adjusted to the medication, but that abnormal hair loss stopped in last week or so. I hope it stays this way.

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Inactive 18 Oct 2017

Hi Crissywsm: Being a long time hypothyroid patient myself, I have two suggestions to offer. Just my two cents:
You could talk to your doctor about switching to a natural desiccated thyroid medication called Nature-Throid. I have taken it for years and had much better results with it than I had with levothyroxine. Just switching to Nature-Throid made a tremendous difference in how I felt and my hair and scalp problems lessened greatly.
Many medications can cause our hair to thin out, such as antidepressants, antibiotics, blood pressure meds, etc., for some people. Please let your doctor adjust your dose. Sometimes it takes several trips to the doctor and several times of checking your TSH levels to get the correct dosage for you personally.
I like to read the books written by Mary Shomon who is a thyroid patient. She also has a website where she puts updated information about natural supplements and


foods that can increase the efficacy of your thyroid meds to get the most relief from hypothyroidism. She recommends evening primrose oil. I took it and it successfully made my hair come in thicker and shinier. It is also stronger. It did wonders for my hair. My scalp feels much healthier from taking it also.
My hair started thinning when I was in my 30's due to my Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.
It is much healthier now with using Nature-Throid and taking evening primrose oil soft gels. Hope this helps!

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Inactive 18 Oct 2017

Oops! That comment was meant to be directed at Nicsriver and Renni. Sorry...

Renni 28 Oct 2017

Thanks I will try evening primrose oil. I remember years ago at a breast clinic they recommended that. I tend to buy it then leave it in drawer until it expires :) better try actually taking the stuff ! I recently started vitamin d ( you take one pill every two weeks).

cwarr73 4 Nov 2017

Hi, I Started levothyroxine in June 2017 my hair was long and thick. It's now falling out rapidly and thinning, I take vitamin D and iron daily, Please let me know if I can do anything else to stop this process from continuing. It controls my daily life stressed out, Etc,

Inactive 4 Nov 2017

Hi char:
Here is a tip to help your hair to grow back in and to make your scalp healthy and strong - Evening Primrose Oil...
I got this information from the Mary Shomon website. She gives lots of information to people who have hypothyroidism, which is one main cause of hair loss, amongst many others. I started taking EPO after reading her blog, and my hair all grew back in thicker and my scalp feels much healthier. She recommended the Source Naturals brand, 1350 mg softgel capsules. It really has helped me with this problem.

Nicsriver 17 Oct 2017

I've only been taking this medication for 6 weeks and my hair loss is terrible even my hair dresser looked worried . Not sure if to carry on taking it or carry on and hope it stops falling out

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Renni 17 Oct 2017

Please keep taking the medicine of your doctor prescribed it with valid reasons. I know how soul destroying it is when hairdressers look concerned at hair loss and hair thinning. But the issues the drug addresses must be addressed. Hair being crappy is a price I had to pay. In time it will never be perfect again probably but it will probably calm down. I am not bald. My hair is not that bad a few years on. Yes it is dry but I don’t have bald patches. But I know it is very upsetting so send you strength and courage to keep on with the medicine. X

WildcatVet 17 Oct 2017

Nicsriver gave a very accurate answer. Lack of thyroid hormone can affect your entire metabolism very dramatically and although the hair loss issue may be traumatic to some it is a cosmetic rather than health issue. Be sure your doctor is aware of your concerns (this is a rare enough side effect that many doctors AREN'T aware of it) because you may need blood tests to determine if you're over or undermedicated or whether a different type of thyroid supplementation should be used.
I've been taking levothyroxine 50mg for over five years and my long, straight blonde hair is now shoulder length and curly ~ borderline frizzy. I can live with hat.
Best regards and good luck!

WildcatVet 17 Oct 2017

... I can live with *THAT* , not a hat! :-)

Renni 17 Oct 2017


WildcatVet 17 Oct 2017

Geez! What am I... asleep? I should have given credit to RENNI for her answer!

Renni 17 Oct 2017

Hat made me laugh thank you !

pzzrmmp 26 Oct 2017

Although I did not have obvious symptoms for hypo and my doctor disclosed this to me during my annual physical. He put me on Levothyroxine 25 MCG. I did not notice any side effect on my hair for the first 3 months, however after using it for 5-6 months, not only I have bald spots my full set of hair reduced to almost bald from the middle (very odd bald). I got panicked and stop taking Levothyroxine without talking to my doctor. Actually I was initially upset with my doctor that he did not tell me the side effects. I thought if this is temporary side effect of the medication than if I stop taking the medication, my hair will grow back. It has been 2 months, I have stopped taking the medication, yet to see my hair to grow back. BTW I have not noticed any -ve impact on my health so far due to stopping the Levothyroxine. Not sure what should I do now to grow hair, start the medication back, change the dosage, any advise, suggestions ? Best regards

WildcatVet 4 Oct 2017

Hair loss is an extremely rare side effect of thyroid supplementation... less than 000.1% of all users suffer this idiosyncratic reaction.

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SusanELove 3 Dec 2018

This is so frustrating for us. I have this same thing happen to me, when I say something, and my provider blankly repeats that oh, no, i have it backwards, my hair is getting thicker. I was doing ok with 25mcg instead of the 125, and am raising it very, very gradually, an extra 25mcg per week, ove a 6 month period. My new hairdresser of a year has asked me what happened to my hair. I would not bother, but it affects my bad cholesterol levels. Now tell me that my cholesterol level is not affected by my thyroid level. Also, why don't you google and see how many pages of people are asking about this hair loss from their thyroid medicine.

meli12345 4 Oct 2017

I have the same problem, I have been in the medication for more than 15; however, before my hair was strong. It never have been the same after the medication.

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Renni 9 May 2017

I've been on levothyroxine about 5 years now. At first I lost a lot of hair to a scary level when I took this drug but now I still lose more than I did pre drug (when I wash my hair tons falls out) but it has settled down a bit. I used to think I would go bald but so far I still have enough hair. But it is dry now. Not the big hair I had before Levo. A bit sad but at least I got my brain back ( forgetting my own phone number) and the painful leg cramps and all the other horrible hypothyroid symptoms like crying nearly every day, regurgitating undigested food I'd just eaten, strange little sparkly pains in my chest at night, not being able to hold a social conversation as I could not think what to say fast enough, tongue seemed to be fat I couldn't pronounce some words properly like "Elizabeth". I take thin hair over all those symptoms any day

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LauraGilbertson 11 May 2017

I was sad to read this as ongoing Hairloss is so upsetting for my and my levels on levothyroxine are ok now on 125, since Nov. Did you Hairloss improve quite a bit or is it ongoing and does your Hair keep getting thinner? Sorry to ask but I've been looking for ideas and possible future predictions since it all stated 18 mtgs ago

Renni 11 May 2017

My hair is certainly drier 5 years on. However I have less hair loss than I did. So with time the hair loss has slowed down a lot. But definitely it only started falling out when I started the Levo. What it did do a year or so before I started Levo was dry out and go wavy. So I think in time hair settles down. ! At least in my case. Now I have a full head of hair. But it is less thick. I have no bald patches. I take Vit D and magnesium. Keep an eye on ferritin/iron levels and b12. It all comes together I suppose. GP's try to play it all down

LauraGilbertson 12 May 2017

Thank you so much for answering it sounds positive and I really appreciate it. So pleased for you xx

Miss_My_NiceHair 13 July 2017

Hi Renni, you're the first person I've seen that has had wavy hair growing. I had naturally straight, thick hair, lots of it. I don't know when I actually got hypo but Dec 2016 my TSH was 6.2. I also have perimenopause but I'm on HRT plus Synthryoid. My hair doesn't stop falling and my TSH is down to 1.7. I'm devasted about the hair loss and it's wavy hair that I have. I see that you said it stopped and that you've grown back your hair. After countless # of docs, I'm getting mixed messages. Will my hair grow back? What did you end up taking? Synthyroid or Armour?

ROSE355 11 Sep 2017

About Levo, my hair is dryer, breaking off and thinner and I've been on it for about 2.5 years. I think my Doc has me on a dosage that's too strong. Going for more blood tests to find out. But I will say I lost the 30 lbs I gained within a year after taking Levo, so that is the Good part. Can always buy a wig but you can't really hide 30 pounds...

Renni 26 Oct 2017

I’m on levothyroxine 100mcg nightly . My hair is thinner but I stopped crying and got my mind back once I had been on it for a few weeks so it is worth having thinner hair for. Now I don’t forget my own phone number :)

Gillybabe48 28 Oct 2017

Totally agree. I did shed some hair but not loads but hair before treatment was thick and wiry and unmanageable and a bit of balding on the top. Now it is softer shinier and more manageable and bald spot on top has gone. This is three years down the line. So stick with it. Things will get better. I used headbands a lot in transitional period as never seemed to be able to do anything with my hair. free discount card

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