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I have been loosing my hair since taking levothyroxine, what will make my hair grow back?

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4N Substances 5 Jan 2013

Hi Crissy,
I think you have it backwards. Hypothyroidism causes hair loss and also thinning eyebrows!

The med should be helping to stabilize your thyroid and decrease the hair loss. I had huge hair loss before the med. and yes, it does grow back :))

Please let me know if I can help further.
4N Substances

crissywsm 5 Jan 2013

HI 4substances, It does sound backwards,Ihad a full head of hair untill i was put on that.Itold the doc she said when my thyroid is regulated it will grow back. She raised my dosage and now even more hair loss.ive taken the higher dosage for 2yrs.The weird thing is i wasnt loosing my hair befor. do you know of anything that will help make it grow? i have bald spots now.thank you for getting back to me.

4N Substances 5 Jan 2013

Wish I did! Let me know if you find something. I expected my Dr to have a suggestion, but no luck!
Nice visiting with you.
4N Substances

endlessPred 6 Jan 2013

The medication is not the cause, as was mentioned. The hair loss is no different than when one has a baby and months later there is a large hair loss for a period. This temporary condition is simply your hair follicles resting due to hormonal changes from the thyroid. Once you are stable they will all startup again. It may seem like a lot but it really isn't. It is just more than normal. (By the way, this happens a every seven or so years for everybody as part of the normal growth cycles of hair. You can do the math with your age just in case that is also part of it.)

I got a short hair cut and felt better about it. Remember that it is nothing to worry about. In the unlikely possibility of a bald spot, then talk to your doctor. That would be something else. Ok? Be well and give your body time to adjust. Write back as questions come up regarding thyroid. Karen

bluesage 20 Jan 2014

Hair loss is a documented side affect of Levothyroxin. I had no hair loss prior to taking this med and my thyroid level wasn't low enough to warrant the med. But I'm afraid to stop taking it altho it's a really low dose. It's been 3 months and if it doesn't level out soon, I won't have any hair left!

endlessPred 22 Jan 2014

So what does your doctor say about it?

karaRN 15 Dec 2014

The first side effect listed for levothyroxine is temporary hair loss. If the hair loss persists more than a few months after the start of treatment, you should discuss this with your doctor.

Jemharper7 21 Dec 2016

I never had any hair loss ever like I do now. My thyroid level was slightly lower. The doctor started me on Armour. I have always had very thick dense hair. After starting on Armour my hair is diminishing by falling out and thinning rapidly. I don't know if it will stop. I'm going off of it. I'm not up for taking something that could make me bald. The medication makes me Itch all over and break out in blisters. The doctor acts like it's no big deal. I'm not going to subject myself to something I didn't experience prior to Armour.

LaurenBrook68 21 Dec 2016

Try ACE vitamins from the supermarket. My daughter uses them and after a few weeks her hair was thicker and her eyes looked brighter and she was smiling more. :-)

Jemharper7 21 Dec 2016

Are they multi vitamins and was she on Armour thyroid medication and loosing her hair?

845princess 6 Jan 2017

I agree with you i am going through the same thing now!!! He raised my dose to 75 and my hair is dropping off it seems i cant brush it everytime i wash it its all over the tub. When my dose was 50 2 months ago this was not happening i thought i was going crazy!! Im happy to know i am not paranoid this is really happening.

Renni 9 May 2017

I've been on levothyroxine about 5 years now. At first I lost a lot of hair to a scary level when I took this drug but now I still lose more than I did pre drug (when I wash my hair tons falls out) but it has settled down a bit. I used to think I would go bald but so far I still have enough hair. But it is dry now. Not the big hair I had before Levo. A bit sad but at least I got my brain back ( forgetting my own phone number) and the painful leg cramps and all the other horrible hypothyroid symptoms like crying nearly every day, regurgitating undigested food I'd just eaten, strange little sparkly pains in my chest at night, not being able to hold a social conversation as I could not think what to say fast enough, tongue seemed to be fat I couldn't pronounce some words properly like "Elizabeth". I take thin hair over all those symptoms any day

LauraGilbertson 11 May 2017

I was sad to read this as ongoing Hairloss is so upsetting for my and my levels on levothyroxine are ok now on 125, since Nov. Did you Hairloss improve quite a bit or is it ongoing and does your Hair keep getting thinner? Sorry to ask but I've been looking for ideas and possible future predictions since it all stated 18 mtgs ago

Renni 11 May 2017

My hair is certainly drier 5 years on. However I have less hair loss than I did. So with time the hair loss has slowed down a lot. But definitely it only started falling out when I started the Levo. What it did do a year or so before I started Levo was dry out and go wavy. So I think in time hair settles down. ! At least in my case. Now I have a full head of hair. But it is less thick. I have no bald patches. I take Vit D and magnesium. Keep an eye on ferritin/iron levels and b12. It all comes together I suppose. GP's try to play it all down free discount card

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