My mom was diagnosed with cirrhosis and was given a year left to live. She's been drinking and doing drug for 11 years. I don't know what to expect... My mom is only 36 and I'm 19.. She has 2 other kids, 13 and 4... It hurts me to know that we may not have a mother in a year. I'm angry all the time now since she told me she's dying. Is there anything that she can do even though the doctors gave her a year? She still smokes even though the doctors told her to quit or it will cut the time she has left down, she isn't eating healthy, she lays in bed all day, she's depressed, the way she talks is like she's giving up... I can't lose my mom yet... But she's not helping herself... The doctors told her that there's nothing they can do. She has so much more wrong with her than cirrhosis, my nana told me something with her pancreas, and her blood vessels, that if one of her blood vessels pop, she'll die right then. With all of her problems, is there any way she can help herself live a little bit longer than a year?