Hi, my name is Samantha. I have 2 daughters ages 5, & 3. My mom was diagnosed with Hepatitis C since before I was born (I believe) & struggled with a drug & drinking problem before as well. She eventually stopped the drug abuse, but continued her drinking til sometime between Jan 2012-Aug 2012 regardless of how much I b__ched at her. Recently she was diagnosed with Cirrhosis (I'm not sure exactly when, because I was kept in the dark by everyone) & within the past couple of months she has went downhill..in & out the hospital. & just feeling horrible. As of yesterday she had surgery to get a shunt put in (the TIPS procedure) & I talked to her today, & she was speaking without gasping for air. She sounded like my mom. But than she told me that she only has 90 days of living (or something like that. I don't know. I could barely listen, without making it to where she wouldn't hear me cry) I just want to know what I should expect, & what I can do to help her be more comfortable. Please. If you have ANY advice, it is appreciated. Thank you.