It is a simple question, I take the following medicines at night: Losartan, Trazodone, and Gildess fe/1/20. I take fishoil 2 times a day. And Move Free twice a day. The others I take are vitamin E, d-3, acidophilus and a multi-vitamin. These are taken at noon, I am concerned about the two I take in around 8pm... and eat a late supper, say around 9pm and follow with bedtime medicine around 10 pm. With a hectic day it is hard to plan. I try to wait at least two hours in between supplements and medicine. Since the supplements need to be taken with food... I carry crackers to take them with. Our suppers are very late... my husband and I have this time only to catch up and be together. I just need to know how to get the most benefits from the supplements I take, life is so busy. It is hard to plan which to take when.