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How long do I have to wait to start taking suboxone after taking fentanyl?

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31 May 2010

Not sure how you were taking the fentanyl. If tablet form, you must wait at least 24 hours and be in moderate withdrawal not only for suboxone to work, but, so you won't go into precipitated withdrawal if the fentanyl is still on your receptor sites in the brain. Google the COWS sheet, this sheet is the Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale that gauges how far you are in withdrawal and this will give you and idea of what to expect during withdrawal as well. Some doctors make patients wait 36 hours and I think that it depends on how much opiate they were taking and for how long. If you are going to start suboxone and haven't started to withdraw yet, make sure you have some advil and imodium ad around to make it a bit easier.

31 May 2010

hi tucker,that was great advise from patti only thing i can add is maybe start with a half of an 8mg if you start to feel worse wait for another 12 hrs and try it again.if withdraw starts to go away then try the other half... pete

31 May 2010

The first 2 answers are very good. I only dropped in to tell you good luck and hope it works out well for you!

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