I'm a 22 year old male suffering from depression and I have been put on 10mg Lexapro. I've only been on the medication for less than a week and I understand it takes time to work but I feel like I'm feeling the effects already. I am not able to orgasm and it takes me time to get an erection. I'm really worried that this will be permanent and do some lasting damage to my sex drive. How long will this last? I find it a little harder to urinate as well. Other side effects include it making me harder to urinate. I still feel depressed and anxious, even more so actually. My mind feels blocked, like it's harder to think and I feel like I have no creativity. Basically I feel like a neutered Zombie. My doctor told me to come back in a month and if I still feel ye same I should see a clinical psychologist. I'm not seeing a therapist/counsellor at the moment. Should I be?How long will these side effects last? Should I switch to another anti depressant instead? Thanks.