My daughter is the one who was taking the Norco. She has decided to stop on her own and is doing it cold turkey. She is in an intensive out patient rehab program. She is doing fairly well. She has terrible bone pain, diarrhea and restless legs. She couldn't keep even water down for the first 4 days and ended up severely dehydrated and I took her to the emergency room for IV rehydration. She has severe depression and anxiety and I believe she used Norco to numb these issues, but she takes Prozac and Abilify and those issues are now under control. I am so proud of her and how well she is doing, but it kills me to watch her suffer like this. I just wonder how much longer she is going to have to suffer with these symptoms. I pray for her and all of the people out there going through this terrible battle. I welcome and appreciate any and all comments.