I've been prescribed 10-30mg of Propranolol per day by my GP to try and deal with possible migraine-related vertigo / vestibular migraine. I took my first pill last night and already the insomnia whacked me hard (on only 10mg).

Actually we don't know that migraine IS what I have at all. It may be any other type of vestibular damage or neurological disorder.

I've booked in with a specialist now and may be required to undertake balance and nerve testing in a few weeks.

Does Propranolol inhibit compensation if I turn out to just have a vestibular disorder unrelated to migraine?

And would Propranolol affect the accuracy of the tests (ENG, Rotary Chair, Calorics etc)? What's it's half-life? (I don't get maths, please explain simply if possible!)

If so, how long would it be sensible to stop taking it before you could do accurate tests? Many thanks. I'm 35, female.