I am stressed very easily, nervous, have stomach aches and cry every day. Been on 150 mg for 2 weeks. Felt very blah, almost depressed the first week and a little more nervous the second. I pray that this works for me. The many weeks on Lexapro 20 mg did not help. I love my job of 20 years, but cannot work until I have improved. I have loved working with special ed children. I will not go back until I can be the good caring aide that I have always been. I want to work for about 5 or 6 more years. I am 57. I was afraid of effexor at first but now I pray it will be the medicine that helps me. I am taking good care of myself and having therapy. Before this happened I was upset about things in my life, (not work) but have resolved mostly everything. I just cannot stop this from happening to my body. But I guess these stressors sometime build up over years. I am trying to be patient and be grateful I can be off work to heal. Would love to hear positive comments of support from members that would share. Thank you very much!