Hi there, I'm a healthy twenty year old who's dealt with extreme uterine pain since I was nine years old. A hundred doctor visits, two laparoscopies and a cholecystectomy later, no number of doctors has any clue what the root cause of the pain is. The only relief I have ever had is through the use of the Lupron Depot; it entirely alleviates all the pain and it's been a godsend. I've been on the injections for 9 months now, and I take low dose hormone replacement medications to avoid complications like osteoporosis and advanced aging. After being with my fiance for three years, we want to have a little one. However, I am curious to know if anyone could tell me how long to expect to wait before being able to conceive. I would much appreciate any responses I receive about this, and I will be seeing my ob/gyn about the issue in June. Thanks again,

A Curious Panda