Hello, I have just been off of Xanax for about a month (my doctor cut me off at 3mgs a day - still pissed about it) and I have gone through the sickness of withdrawal 3 weeks ago but now, all of a sudden, I am experiencing these "brain zaps" and they are very hard to deal with. It has become hard to keep my sanity honestly. It happens during the day but they are far worse at night. I have a very hard time falling asleep because that is when they really hit me hard. As I am right about to doze off, my brain sends an electrical impulse from the back of my eyes, down my neck into my body. It causes me to literally jump up from lying perfectly still and feels like I just jumped off a building. I experience that kind of shock associated with being scared from something. It is extremely unsettling. It causes me to shake uncontrollably for a few seconds and I guess they could be a "mini seizure" or something, I wouldn't be surprised if they are related.
The stress from not being on these kind of meds is almost too much to handle. I work 2 jobs , am a single dad with a daughter I'm trying to raise and my duties have to get done no matter what is happening in my head. I am trying to stay off but it is becoming very hard because my relationships and responsibilities will start to suffer and that is unacceptable. Seriously considering going back to another doctor to get back on them. Anyone have any info on this subject?

Thank in advance!