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How Long Do "Brain Zaps" last??

Hello, I have just been off of Xanax for about a month (my doctor cut me off at 3mgs a day - still pissed about it) and I have gone... read more

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal - Anyone here! I'm just getting off Xanax after 22 years on board.

I have been detoxing or withdrawing for almost 2 weeks. Tapered off 4 mgs a day over the past year. I'm wondering how long the withdrawing... read more

What meds can I take for panic attacks/brain fog?

I have bad panic attacks/generalized anxiety/depression and haven't found a med that works for me yet.I cant handle any of... read more

Prozac causing brain zaps?

I just started 10mg generic Prozac for my depression. I took the pill then 6 hours later I had a brain zap feeling that triggered a... read more

I have been taking Xanax for panic disorder and anxiety? After 6 weeks will I suffer withdrawal?

I have been prescribed. 5 Xanax twice daily for six weeks now waiting to get in to see a new psychiatrist. My anxiety is excruciating... read more

Will you have withdrawals from stopping 0.5mg of Xanax? It is only taken at bedtime?

My roommate started a new job and she has anxiety issues as do I and I have been giving her a quarter of a 2 mg bar at bedtime to help her... read more

Can a doctor just suddenly take you off of Xanax after being prescribed them for approx 6 years?

Can a doctor just suddenly take you off of Xanax after being prescribed 4 a day for approximately 6 years? I have a very high... read more

What are "brain zaps" that everyone mentions as a withdrawal effect from venlafaxine/Effexor?

I have taken venlafaxine 37.5 mg for 3 months to help my anxiety. It worked well until about a month ago. I started getting nauseous, dizzy... read more

Whats the equal amount of 1mg Ativans to 2x 2mg Xanax my doctor gave me Ativan?

Doctor changed me from 2x 2mg Xanax for my panic attacks and PTSD. Now he gave me Ativan 1mg but the don't help out with my... read more

Has anyone found anything better than xanax-XR for panic attacks and anxiety? It works great for me?

I have been on quite a few benzos for aniety/ panic attacks but so far have found this to be the best one yet. An overall even feel all day as... read more

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