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Linzess - how much does this med cost 145mg for 30 day supply?

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rogerlig 12 Oct 2013

Ironwood designed this drug to sell for $7.10 per day (one capsule). Insurance may reduce this cost (for Medicare, the cost is closer to $2.20 per day). If you don't have insurance, or Medicare, you can expect to pay the full retail price.

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bobbyg_19044 9 Aug 2018

I see where previous responses are pretty old, I just got a 30 day prescription of Linzess 145mcg
for $40.00, or .75 cents a day. Not at any big chain or discount, just a local pharmacy in Oklahoma

MacIntosh12 15 June 2013

Hi belmontst,
This site does not sell medications, so I don't know if anyone can give you the cost of linzess, other than their particular pharmacy prices.
You might want to call your nearest pharmacy to find out their prices.
If you cannot afford your medication some manufacturers help with cost, you can google the manufacturer if you do need financial help.
Best wishes to you,

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Factfinder411 15 June 2013

You'd have to call the pharmacy, if you live near a Costco they have the lowest prices in the nation. Rite Aid, Target, and CVS have the highest. Also call around bc one pharmacy chain maybe higher than the se chain 10 miles away. Ask if they have a discount bc most counties do. There was an article in he Philly paper about this.

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Factfinder411 19 June 2013

Also Costco you don't have to be a member for the pharmacy. free discount card

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