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How many lantus solostar pens\would you needfor a months supply taking 110 units a day?

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rwesley5512 24 Aug 2021

I have been a type 2 diabetic for thirty years. Diabetes is a progressive disease no matter how well you have it under control. The amount of Lantus you use depends on how insulin resistant you are. I use 50 units twice a day.

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Darlene Wright 26 Aug 2019

5 pens

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Inactive 28 Sep 2010

Do solostar pens come prefilled with the lantus in it? if it does how much does each one come prefilled with? does it come filled with 110 units or less per pen? or do you use a bottle that you have to pull the lantus out of?

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Quah 20 June 2011

I see no one has answered this for you in 9 months. I am starting on Lantus Pen today. I called the drugstore to ask the same question... I'm starting on wht apparently is a low dose... 15 units... and see where we go from there. No one, not even my doctor's nurse, can answer this question. I guess I'll just learn as I go along.

Good luck... I'm guessing you already have an answer to your question by now?

bdiveley 1 Dec 2012

According to the box:
100 units/mL
5 3mL pens
300 units per pen
1500 units per box

The Lantus SoloStar pens are prefilled, so no drawing from a vial.

bdiveley 1 Dec 2012

Also, the pen will only allow you to inject 80 units at a time. 110 units seems extreme.

jcolson 6 June 2015

I know about 30 people that are using lantus and none of them are using anywhere close to to a 100 units a day. Most of the people I know are using around 20 to 28 units a day

Thunderdog 21 Sep 2016

I use 90 units per day and 20 units Humilog and Bydurian weekly. Some people have this worse than others. I am 40 lbs over the weight recommended which I was when I was 15. I have a stocky build. 300 units is correct per pen. For my trip around the world I am taking 14 days supply of Lantis. So 90 x 14 = 1260 / 300 = 4.2 or 5 pens.

Thunderdog 21 Sep 2016

I am 60

michelin man 19 March 2017

110 units is too much I nearly went into coma Thursday morning when my bg reading was 37 and that's when I was at 54 units today my doctor decreased the amount of insulin to 40 units I hope for my health that it never happens again. Anyway good luck and God bless

kellytillman77 3 Aug 2017

I am on 100 units a day. I'm glad that others of you are on lower doses but please don't tell us that or doses are wrong. I put my trust in my doctor, not strangers. To answer the question, you will get almost 3 days per pen.

eveadora 23 Oct 2017

I was wondering how this worked as my latest dosage is 45 units before bed and the pharmacist told me that the one box would be enough for the month.

I couldn't see how that was possible until I realized from the above writings that there are 5 pens in a box, and not the 4 that I thought there were.

I was probably thinking only 4 because one of the pens was broken right out of the box, wouldn't inject any amount, tried multiple needles etc. Didn't bother notifying the pharmaceutical company since I don't pay for lantus what with their $0 copay available on the website. free discount card

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