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On Lexapro (Escitilopram) soooo tired please help. Can't do this much longer?

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geloman1 10 Jan 2016

Hi. So sorry you're feeling this way. Can you talk to your doctor about these side effects if there's something he can possibly give you to counteract it? Supplements or some other medication? There has to be something to counter that.

I'm praying for you my brother. Please hang in there. God bless you.

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blaaccypher 10 Jan 2016

I have been talking to her about them. She is hoping they will go away. I am going to ask her about taking it at night, and if maybe we can do something else med wise, but I am not even sure what could be done you know? Thank you for the prayer. I said one for you and everyone else on here today.

geloman1 10 Jan 2016

Thank you! Yes, see if taking them at night will help. My doc says you can take anytime you feel comfortable as long as you take it daily and consistently. Hang in there. Take care.

cherrrub 10 Jan 2016

I was the same for the first 10 days or so. Your brain adjusts though and the tiredness stops. Hang in there... Most of these side effects will disappear in time.

blaaccypher 10 Jan 2016

I have been on the meds for over 3 months. Does it take this long?

cherrrub 10 Jan 2016

Ok, when do you take the meds? Some people need to take them at night in order to by pass this side effect.

Joanna Hampton 26 Jan 2016

The doctors are making Escitilopram the wonder drug that is going to be the cure for anxiety and depression, I beg to differ as I have been on all the well known meds for these disorders, Paxil being the best for me then my Dr. changed me to this wonder drug at 10mg a day almost 7weeks ago and I've started feeling very depressed and my chronic anxiety is only being controlled by Clonazapam which she wants to eliminate as she has been led to believe anyone suffering anxiety will only need Escitilopram. I believe each person is different and one medication does not work on all and no doctor should feel or treat patients that way. ~Joanna

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Dan11111 2 Mar 2016

I changed to taking Lexipro at night. It actually helps me sleep a full night. I was having issues taking it in the morning as well.

SLMRDC 25 Apr 2016

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