Been on 2.5 mg past one year. Now and then, it feels like old anxiety and depression seem to stick their heads out. My doctor suggested 10 mg but OK with me taking smaller quantity as long as I watch the symptoms out. Asking the community here:
- anyone started low and increased it?
- I notice some disturbed sleep (waking up in the middle of sleep, toss and turn to get back to sleep). I generally sleep well but before Lexapro, I had problem falling asleep. was crying to sleep. Not sure if the sleep was OK or not. But now I notice I get up at 1 am or so.
- I have a high-stress work. Noticing me getting upset more, like I used to do (before starting Lexapro). Does this mean my dosage is too low?

I can ask my dr but she had given me option - take up to 10 mg. I don't want to rush to increase as it makes me sleepy. (I take at night)

I am healthy, no medical issues. no problem in life. starting out in a professional field. single. introvert; generally happy person.

Thank you so much!