I recently was prescribed latuda for bipolar depression. I was hospitalized voluntarily and taking 20mg a day. My depression symptoms were still very much present but I had to get back to work and signed myself out. The psychiatrist who I was not thrilled with, gave me a prescription for 40 mg in the morning and 40 mg at night. Almost immediately my racing thoughts have stopped. Although I am ruminating about how flat, dull, and emotionless I feel. I feel zombie like. I am not able to do anything or find pleasure in anything. I have no motivation or goals. I feel like I lost my personality. It is better than feeling depressed but it this the trade off? I'm cutting down to 40mg at night and I see my psychiatric nurse practitioner on Saturday and have therapy twice a week. I was spending my day prior to latuda with racing thoughts, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. I was on lamictal and Trilafon for 5 years but the depression and racing thoughts were still present. I have tried lithium, depakote, zyprexa, resperidone, and at the early stage of my diagnosis back in 2011, I stopped because of weight gain. I am on latuda by itself and have never experienced this flatness and lack of emotion. My house could burn down and I don't think I'd care. A stranger could come into my house with a gun and it wouldn't phase me. Has anyone experienced this with latuda and if so was there another med that helped with bipolar depression? I'm loosing hope that I will find the right medication that will still give me somewhat of a good quality of life or I have to accept this is the alternative to being insanely depressed. I have never been able to really control my racing thoughts and this is the only benefit I am seeing from latuda right now. Any suggestions?