The dose was spaced out over time. I would never take that much in one dose. I had to finish a huge amount of work, so I took one at around 4. It wasn't working, and I could barely feel it, so around 8 I took another. Then another at 3 a.m. I stayed up all night, no surprise,,, but the medication still has not worn off. Pupils are still dilated and I still feel the muscle in my jaw a bit tight. No grinding of teeth, or spasms, but I feel concerned that I may have taken too large of a dose. It's been almost 15 hours since I took the last pill. How long do you think it will take to leave my system? I weigh 150 pounds, male. I lost weight over the day. My face looks much skinnier as well. I have no want or need to take it, but is it possible that I may have an addiction to this medication? Any dangers you might feel could happen to me over the next few hours? Any help would be appreciated.