I started Lamictal a couple of weeks ago as an add on to Wellbutrin XR. I also believe I was prescribed Lamictal as mood stabilizer as well since I’m titrating my dose up every 2 weeks. Next time I see my pdoc my dosage will be increase to 100 mg. (unless I opt out on increasing it) As far as prescribing me Lamictal as a mood stabilizer, I really don’t understand why to be honest, because I don't have mood cycling of highs and lows. I have dysthymia. My depression is chronic and always low. I’m going to ask my doctor on my next appointment why I was put on Lamictal. It doesn’t make sense if I was prescribed it for mood disoreder. The people I trust and let know I was put on a mood stabilizer agree with me also that I’m not bipolar.

Anyways, I have two questions. After reading about lamictal I keep on reading how Lamictal can cause hair loss and weight gain. If that’s really the case why can lamictal cause this side effect? Does lamictal affects one hormone? If that’s the case which hormone does it affect? This is important to me because I have high cholesterol and I’m too young to have complications because hormone imbalance. I also want to know what I’m taking. Your help is appreciated