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I've been taking zoloft for 10 days and I feel like I'm starving one day and not hungry the next?

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LaurieShay 10 Oct 2011

Hey cn,

You are experiencing some common side effects of the Zoloft and in my opinion need to give it some more time. I think within the month it will level out for your and you'll be fine. If it continues to be a problem, then by all means mention it to the doctor.

Best wishes,


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cn71 10 Oct 2011

Hi Laurie,
When I posted my question I put that I'm on Zoloft really I'm taking the generic brand Sertraline.
its so weird there are days that I'm fine with a few bites and then days like today that feel like I'm going to starve to death. even after I've eaten.

LaurieShay 10 Oct 2011

Whether you are taking the brand or the generic shouldn't really matter much. I think you will adjust in time, just going to have to give it a couple more weeks.

Inactive 10 Oct 2011

Hey Laurie. Ha! Just to add my last thoughts (i'm shutting down for the evening) cn, you mentioned that your appetite varies from day to day. Hungry, then really hungry. Thats not normal and is considered a more serious side effect of the medication. Now , if its 3 or 4 days at a time, then have a change in appetite, thats considered to be routine as your body is gradually becoming adjusted to it. ... good night and best wishs, we'll have a cuppa tomorrow sometime. pledge is running out of fuel.:-0)

LaurieShay 10 Oct 2011

Night Pledgy. Sweet dreams and looking forward to the cuppa in the morning.

rawboots 10 Oct 2011

Hello Cn71
Id reconsider the med. Youve only bn on it ten days. Zoloft takes 2 to 3 weeks to even start working. In my opinion its a great med if you u use it faithfully. Not to dog anyone elses opinion. Ive bn on it for three years now and I feel my depression has taken a positive turn. With every doubt, a doctors visit should follow. Take care n be well

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Inactive 10 Oct 2011

Hello cn71. I'd mention it to your doctor. changes in your appetite is a side effect. and its considered to be more serious than not. To the degree that your are going through as you explained, I'd becarefull. I also took zoloft for some years. It was a fairly kind drug in as much as side effects went (my case of course). best to you.

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