I was trying to get pregnant. I succeeded in having my one and only child at the age of 38, I'm now 56. After having my daughter I went back on the drug which I now think was a mistake, I did ok once I got off. I paid a big price for stopping so suddenly. I had no clue as to what I was in for.After being off the drug for about a week I had a major seizure that landed me in the hospital and then another one while in there. My memory was affected for quite some time but I did recover and didn't take any more zanax while pregnant. I want off but when I try I get extremely nervous and panicky. My body starts jumping around and feel I better do something or I'm going into another seizure, so I take the drug again.I know there's information out there. I wonder what my life would be like without this medicine. I feel I'm sleeping my life away. My daugher or husband wants to do something and I'm too busy worrying about getting my sleep which I accomplish effectively with the xanax. Life has been hard for me and I know sleep is more appealing to me most times than living.I work full time and really, work is my life apart from my daughter.My husband works all the time as do I. I want off xanax but don't know if I can or really if I even should stop. I told my doctor about wanting off and he actually seemed frightened when I told him. Really he didn't think I should even try and if I did it should take months. Whats life like without xanax. Only someone who's taken it and kicked it will know. If anyones out there I'd love to hear your story. Thanks