I have suffered from PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder since grade school. I have been to many dr's over the years for the heart palpitations, panic attacks, etc. For the last 2 years I have been prescribed xanax 1mg 3x's and celesta 40mg 1x daily. They work peferctly but i have tried a few times to stop taking the xanax. EVERY time i did, i suffered what i thought to be severe withdrawal symptoms. After about 4 or 5 days, i start getting this electric shock feeling it goes from my brain through my entire body in a split second. This has caused me to be thrown on the floor, slam my head back against a wall, drop things, and so forth. After a day or two of the "shocks" i have suffered grand mal seizures EVERYTIME this scares me to death and my dr. sent me to a neurologist who said the seizures had nothing to do with withdrawal and he has no idea about the "shocks". I need to know if he is wrong, do i have epilepsy as the veteran's hospital seems to think. Cuz from what i know epilepsy is catch all when they don't know why u have the seizures. Also, how dangerous are these seizures i have foamed at the mouth, bit my tongue lost time. i remember nothing so my husband has to live thru the trauma, but the idea of having another one terrifies me.