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It says expired jan of 2009 it is dec 2010 it is a flexiril do you think they are still good to use?

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mitjason 13 Dec 2009

By law pharmacies have to put an expiration date on drug labels which is usually 1 year from the time the prescription is filled. There was a study done during a war where they used expired drugs such as narcotics, Benzodiazepines, antibiotics and many other drug on POW (Prisoner of War). The estimated expiration date of those drugs were 5-15 years. They found that 98.7% of the drugs were effective even after the expiration date ONLY if kept in the proper condition such as the proper temperature, out of the sun, kept out of a humid area, etc.. I would personally take them if I needed them.

I hope this helps or at least decreases your worries about taking it. Good Luck! :)

420butters420 14 Dec 2009

i also would take them if needed although flexiril needs to build up in you r system to work properly and you might want to consider asking your dr. for a new script to continuosly take.In addition you also may want to condider methocarbamol,works better on muscle spasming... just a thought i swiched and it works great.But yes take them as long as they look ok and the bottle has not been compramised.

itsmetoo2 14 Dec 2009

You should not have a problem. If that is all you have. But if your last script was in 2008 your doctor should not have a problem refilling it. When you call for a refill, tell them you have some left dated expired jan 2009. Act stupid and say should I take those. Then they will know you are not a dope head. But you only use them occasionally. : }

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