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Ask questions and get answers about Flexeril. Our support group helps people share their own experience. 267 questions, 143 members.

Anyone know how bad it is to mix Seroquel with Flexeril? I was just prescribed the Flexeril?

Posted 5 Nov 2009 3 answers

I've messed up my back and shoulder something horrible and that's what I was given. I've been on Seroquel for I don't even know ...

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Flexeril - How long does it take before Flexeril starts working?

Posted 4 days ago 0 answers

I have been talking them for 2 Wells. No relief yet

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Flexeril makes me stay awake, does not make me sleepy?

Posted 12 Oct 2009 2 answers

I was given this drug to help with my daily headaches and migraines. I took 5mg at bedtime and it seems to work because it made me relax so that I ...

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I have taken flexeril for two months with great relief for my headaches?

Posted 14 Apr 2011 3 answers

Then I developed severe depression within days. Should I ever try it again. Nothing else helps my daily Migraine level headaches. It also caused 10# ...

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What shouldn't you do while taking Flexeril, will this drug affect physical ability?

Posted 4 Oct 2011 2 answers

... such as stamina while running, or other exercise?

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Does long term use of flexeril affect the eye muscles?

Posted 16 Nov 2011 2 answers

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Severe hallucinations are occurring, and flexeril is highly suspect, is there perhaps an alternate?

Posted 28 Dec 2009 1 answer

... medication that can take its place?

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Will flexeril and zanax show up as the same kind of drug on a urine test?

Posted 18 Jun 2010 1 answer

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Have any of you taking flexeril had problems w/ weight gain?

Posted 4 Mar 2011 3 answers

My DR wants me to try it, but I have just been weaned off of Cymbalta 60 mg, which caused increased appetite, and therefore caused weight gain of 10 ...

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Is it safe to take flexeril and artridol at the same time?

Posted 22 Oct 2013 1 answer

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