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Is zoloft a controlled drug?

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13 Apr 2010

Its not a controlled drug but the pharm might ask for a id when picking it up.hope this helps

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13 Apr 2010

no it is not controlled at all

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christineATU 13 Apr 2010

You're right, it's handed out like candy.

RemSupreme 17 Apr 2010

your not kidding almost every doctor tried to give me a script of that.I would say it gives me bad headaches.I think the pharmacutle(misspelled) gives the doctor a trip to florida or some place nice for "conferences"thats why they are always trying to give you that stuff they want a vacation and dont give a crap about the patient... Its messed up

fall queen 17 Apr 2010

RemSupreme, I hope that you noticed that I apologized to you because I came down on you WAY too hard and added to my list of friemds Sorry Fall Queen

17 Apr 2010

Zoloft is not a contrlled substance, but there is a much better arry og anti depressants out now, seems like zoloft has been out forever. Fall Queen

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fall queen 17 Apr 2010

I meant to say array of anti depressant

RemSupreme 19 Apr 2010

I see you have to also start looking at your screen before you send also... JK

christineATU 19 Apr 2010

My trick is "Auto spell check" Other wise my condition would be, "i hed a axident and shetered my back. I ned more sergerie in a few munts." NOT making fun of anyone who misspells words. It's hard for many people (especially those in lots of pain) to use a keyboard.

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