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Is Abilify safe for teens?


jk13 27 Sep 2010

I assume you mean abilify? If your talking about abilify, I'd first look into a therapist or psychologist as these sorts of drugs are more likely to have a negative long term effect on teens than on non-teens, around 20 and up. Abilify is an atypical antipsychotic, and really is a very potent drug that makes you feel like the walking dead. It has a long list of possible side effects, and is a drug that I would consider to be way more severe than a prozac or lexapro (although, those meds can actually cause bipolar on the first dosage). So, I guess it's really comes down to how bad are the symptoms, and are the negatives associated with the drug more or less than the negatives associated with not taking the drug, also thinking long term...

This is very much a "non-answer", cause no drug for the brain is truly safe, but can be helpful in many cases. Unless your dealing with bipolar disease, then I personally would encourage for you to work it through a therapist. If it is bipolar, then, I'd try removing the medications at some point, and see what happens, cause studies that are covered up by the drug companies have shown that long term use of medications in general for mental disorders can cause more damage than good in the long term. Short term they do more good. That's why often you'll see studies that have different information on the 4 week trial, and 8 week trials. Everyone got better in the 4 week trial, as well as found the drug tolerable as 1% dropped out in the 8 week trial... but fails to say that after 4 weeks, people get worse, but find the medication tolerable nonetheless. It seems to be going on quite a bit lately, so just be careful!!

Not to long ago, the drug companies were saying Ultram is non-addictive and has no abuse issues. This is of course totally false, however, is true with short term studies. Cymbalta turns out to be extremely addictive, something not mentioned in the literature, I'm not sure if they've changed that yet...

Hope that this is of some help.
Jeff K

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