I am not asking for me- I have a wonderful pain management doctor, and I have never had to experience withdrawal due to not being able to get medication for my pain. I have often recommended here that you be completely honest with your PM doctor because they are in partnership with you and deserves your honesty so that they can help you.

My friend. who posted here about what to do about the fentanyl patch falling off and not working the full three days causing her to both chew her patches and also to get opioids from off the track sources and take drugs not prescribed . I tried to help, and with our advice here she asked to have her patches change every 48 hours and did receive more patches. Unfortunately she was drug tested that day and subsequently received a letter discharging her from his care. I helped write a letter to him admitting what she had done and asking him to reconsider but he did not budge and now she is facing withdrawal from the patch and no pain medication for her physical problems.

Does she have any options? Is she never going to be able to get pain medication again? Out of fear of not being believed by her doctor she made a mistake and withheld the truth. I know she would never make the mistake again - and the sad thing is the two day patch was giving her the pain relief she had sought all along.

Is there any recourse for her? Would another PM doctor take her on? I feel so sad for her, as she approaches the withdrawal from the patch. Her doctor gave her five days of valium and cut her loose. From what I have read here fentanyl withdrawal is extremely tough- and I find it unconscionable for a physician to have put her on the drug and then abandon her to detox on her own.

Sorry to write so much but I am hurting for her and wanting to help her find help, I know she has learned her lesson.

Any advice would be welcome. I swear I want to kiss my own doctor next time I see him! I almost feel guilty that I have the pain meds I need.