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Is there an over the counter med that works like tessalon perles?


LisaBelanga51 1 Jan 2019

Is they are a similar drug to Tessalon he perked 100mg

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Inactive 20 Jan 2012

In my opinion Muscinex works just as well.
Best wishes to you.

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cll2016 5 Jan 2017

Mucinex does NOT work anything like Benzonatate /Tessalon! You need to understand WHAT is making you cough before deciding what to take.

TESSALON actually numbs the lining of your throat & lungs, which greatly reduces body's reflex to cough. Its great for very frequent dry hacking cough...

Mucinex is also great medicine bUT only loosening secretions, which make's it easier to cough thick phlegm up. It's great if you are coughing due to need to get lots of thick secretions out of your chest. free discount card

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