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Is there a generic form of L-Methylfolate? Our insurance doesn't cover Deplin?

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anniepc1234 29 Aug 2011

after considerable research, i believe there is no generic for it. and the brand is pricey for sure. i got some sample bottles from my doc and have been on it along with pristiq for 4 days. its too early for the prisiq to kick in, but deplin goes to work in your body right away. today is the first day i actually feel like my old normal self. its amazing. and if this streak continues i am going to do a formal appeal to my insurance to put it in their formulary, or at least propose that they pay for some of it. generally here in WA, its about $100 for a months supply.

PRBmom 29 Aug 2011

Wow - they want $350 a month here in Florida!! I'm going to try appealing to my health care insurance carrier, too, but have little hope that they will cover it - we have a really BAD plan thorugh my employer. My son was prescribed the same combination (Pristiq and Deplin) that you are on and was amazed at the immediate response he had with the Deplin. When we couldn't afford to fill the Deplin prescription, the psychiatrist suggested that we substitute a high-dose B-complex supplement, but after being on it for 3 months my son says it doesn't have the same effect at all. We are just going to have to find a way to pay for the Deplin to get the results he needs.

anniepc1234 29 Aug 2011

can you have it mail ordered from here or canada at a better price? i haven't looked at that option yet. i also read that if your son tried to substitute the b vitamins for the methylfolate, he'd have to take 66 pills a day of the over the counter stuff to equal 1 pill of the prescription!! no wonder it didn't work for him! i'm sure he didn't take 66 tabs a day. $350 is highway robbery. can you believe that? those drug companies have their nerve. and this isn't even classified as a drug, its a "medical food". crazy over pricing once again. so glad your son got some good results from this. i'm betting it will just get more expensive because people are starting to pay attention since folks are getting good results. i would check out the canadian mail order thing. i used it a couple of times on another drug a few years ago, and it was much less than here. so good luck and let me know if you find anything you think is a good deal. by the way, are you talking about the 7.5mg tablet?

bonsie1 23 Mar 2016

Yes, their is another way to get L Methylfolate 15mg from in Sisters Oregon.
If you do a comparison you will find it is the same drug as deplane. It is made by Genosis pharmacy in italy. You do not need a prescription to buy this food supplement.

ladeekatt 23 Mar 2016

Just now hearing about this drug, and I'm willing to try anything. Amazon has a listing for what's called "Methyl-life Supplements" for $77 for 90 tablets at 15 mg per tablet. I'd consider buying it, especially if I knew it already worked, as in the case of PRBmom. Just thought I'd add that to the ideas.

geloman1 26 Mar 2016

There is a generic version for Deplin. They're $80 where I'm from. Not sure how effective it is as my doctor said that the Deplin brand version is manufactured using some nanotechnology they created so the generic may not be the same. I always thought that by law the generics need to have the same formulations as he brands. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Lori J 8 Jul 2016

No comment about yours actually. Just saying by me they're charging $58. A month, and I thought THAT was expensive!

Fleming1 21 Sep 2016

I have great insurance extremely expensive however and they told me that it was just deemed a medical food about 4 months ago from the insurance companies and no-one is covering it because insurance companies do everything they can to protect themselves not their patients ... I have a clotting disorder MTHFR and my daughters also have Factor 5..methylated folic acid is necessary and it is the best and the only that works... so as long as the insurance companies don't have to pay out anything I guess it'll work for them good luck to everyone seeking assostance ..enjoyed reading the post thanks

pdixmftr 20 days ago

I know this is an old question but, like most people, i am currently seeking ways to get Deplin at a more reasonable price. Here is what i know:

1. Deplin is considered a FOOD, not a medicine, and this is why most insur plans won't cover it.
2. There is an online pharm called Brand Direct Health (BDH) which provides Deplin for no more than $58/month. Three mo's cost around $174. This was recommended by my doc. Here's the thing: i called and ordered it and found the company to be EXTREMELY dysfunctional. I called 3 times over several weeks and they never could find my information or an order. BUT: I think if you want to be on their case (and call OFTEN) you can get going. And, if you sign up for auto refill i'm guessing you won't have any trouble. Advantage: they have a pmt option with no interest if you order the 3 month option.
3. My other doc told me that Walmart carries it. I haven't explored this but my doc said it was cheaper.
4. If i find out more i'll put out a new post.


ladeekatt 19 days ago

I'm glad people are still responding! I still really want to find a way to get ahold of this. My daughter, and my youngest son, and I all struggle with antidepressants that don't seem to work, and Deplin was prescribed for my daughter, but we just couldn't afford to pay. Our family doctor says taking folic acid will be the same, but I'm not sure she's really done any research about the acid not penetrating the blood brain barrier, hence Deplin's manufacturer using nanotechnology to produce results. If you happen to find that Walmart carries is at a cheaper price, please come back and let us know. I'd hate going through a company that doesn't seem to have it together as you've described. I will check them out though! Thank you. free discount card

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