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Is the voltaren gel good for shingles?


Techvisions 21 Aug 2018

Well, long answer is: diclofenac 3% may be very good for shingles. Reasoning that neuralgic pain from shingles is due to inflamed nerves / nerve bundles just under the skin that exhibit as roughly corresponding rashes. My practical experience is it worked for me ( 50% pain reduction ) when 3% was applied to afflicted nerve bundles in the neck. Nothing else was working well for me, even opioids. Caution, 3% is only Rx’d for keratosis, so you’re going to have to talk your dermatologist into the Rx. Caution, must ID spot treat bundles, not lather the stuff on! It’s strong & can cause complications ( read up ). Try looking up this older article for a start, “Effect of 1.5% Topical Diclofenac on Clinical Neuropathic Pain
Shihab U. Ahmed, et. al.” My Dr. said, “interesting” and that this may be univestigated, overlooked... hope this helps someone...

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suzanne66 15 May 2011

Voltaren gel is a topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel usually used to treat
pain and inflammation associated with muscles and joints.
It is not typically used to treat shingles pain - check with your doctor though.
Are you wanting to treat post-shingles pain?
Have you tried Lidoderm (a topical anesthetic) or Capsaicin cream?
Talk with your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

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southerner15 29 Dec 2017

Be very aware before using anything containing Capsaicin, in particular, if your skin is sensitive. I used it once to help with arthritis and it set me on fire. Can’t imagine what it would do if applied to shingles, which I now have again. free discount card

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