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Is lomotil available without a prescription? OTC?

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itsmetoo2 27 Jan 2010

Yes, but if you buy it OTC then the strength is milder.

honeyvols 7 Oct 2012

Where do you get it?

Lizztreiber 24 Dec 2014

If OTC under what name?

Lizztreiber 24 Dec 2014

And where can it be purchased?

Anonymous 4 Mar 2013

I am 65 years old, and 3 years ago I had my colon removed due to UC. I do not have an ostomy, as they reconstructed my small intestine into a J-pouch.

I have been on 10-12 Imodium AD tablets a day and 4-5 level teaspoons of Metamucil Fiber every day to keep me regular and in a non-diarrhea state.

Can I use Lomotil instead, and how long could I be on it without damage?

ChelleKay 29 Mar 2017

I took Lomotil back in the 80's when it went from rx to OTC. Ask the pharmacist if you can't find it. I am not positive, but, I think the spelling is off. Its been so long since I used it I can't remember the spelling; it just looks off a tad. I may be wrong on that, but it worked well for me too. Good Luck free discount card

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