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Is it safe to use nicotine patches while on suboxone?


AlisaBZarerkalye 18 Nov 2021

Yes it is safe to be on a nicotine patch and Suboxone (or methadone). There are no reactions between the two.
However if you are on sSuboxone you are likely coming out of opiate use for one reason or another. And during this process you will be highly sensitive to smells, tastes and will have an imbalance with your digestive system as everything goes into overdrive. Smoking a lot on opiates is easy because of the dulled senses. But once you ho into treatment you body will become hope sensitive to many things. And nicotine can trigger nausea whether on a patch or through smoking. Especially smoking as the taste will be overwhelming. It may be best to start at the lower doses for patches and work up to how much you need.

I know the question is specific to nicotine patches. Though I recommended using e-cigarettes to help transition. It is hard enough to go through opiate treatment on its own and if you are a long time smoker, giving up both at the same time may be very challenging. But what I’ve found from my and my partner’s experience was that gradually supplementing cigarettes and with electronic vapor based smoking really helps take you down do 0 physical cigarettes a day. And once you are solely using nicotine vapor you have a control over how much nicotine you smoke by reducing the nicotine concentration of the e-juice you use. Then when down to the lowest levels, you can switch to a nicotine free vapor. What helps most is not the actual nicotine, but the act of smoking. Your hands have gotten trained to hold a cigarette and while the nicotine plays a big role, the physical dependence on cigarettes is hugely a psychological dependence on the physical activity. Like having personal triggers of when you always smoke, such as when you wake up or after you eat. The reason a patch is hard to quit with is because it will not substitute the physical act of going and sitting in usual spot and having a post-meal cigarette. But an electronic cigarette can be used to keep the habits a little while longer while getting rid of the physical nicotine dependence.

I have smoked moderately for 15 years and my partner for over 30 (heavily for over 20 - 2 packs daily). And in just 3 months of supplementing e-cigarettes my partner has gone from 2 packs, to 1 pack to 10 cigarettes to 5 to 3 and then all of a sudden to 0. And it only took another month to get to a lower nicotine level.

But as far as Suboxone use is concerned patches/vaping/cigarettes are largely equal in terms of not having any significant interaction. But nicotine itself does cause a response from your body and in high doses those may manifest as nausea, heart palpitations, more shallow breathing. And those would be exaggerated during any medical opiate treatment, particularly at the beginning of treatment. So lower nicotine does would be advised in order to avoid negative responses to nicotine intake.

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subuser31 14 Dec 2009

Yes it is safe, My doc says it is so helpful to take the Sub and quit smoking though I seem to smoke more now that I am taking it for the rest of my life. I think it is lame but if it keeps me out of pain, I won't have to go back to the Methadone. I think that it is very lame for sure, I want to also quit smoking, let me know how it goes for you, ok.. hope I was helpful and a quick response...

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ronnie1 14 Dec 2009

Thank you subuser31. I didn't use the patch yet. I feel nauseated when I smoke since I started the suboxone. (It took me a while to realize it was the cigarettes) I'm worried the patch may have an even greater effect. free discount card

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