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Is gabapentin a blood thinner of sorts?

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Rajive Goel 8 Jul 2010

Gabapentin (Neurontin) is a prescription medication used to treat the following conditions:

* Epilepsy -- Gabapentin is approved to be used along with other seizure medications to treat partial seizures in adults and children as young as three years old.

* Shingles nerve pain -- This medication is also approved to treat the chronic nerve pain that often occurs after an outbreak of shingles (known medically as postherpetic neuralgia).

Blood thinner; have not heard or read about this, please seek information from the pharmacist/doc, & if possible do inform me too for further knowledge, thanks.

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Lifewrsd 8 Jul 2010

The only way I have ever heard it can affect the blood system is to calm the nerves down the are around the out sides of the blood veins. this could cause the veins to relax and let more blood flow.

I was told that how it works, is it stops nerves from firing to much, which can cause the nerves system in the body to do strange things... like slowing down blood flow.

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barbles2413 9 Jul 2010

no it is neurontin used for different conditions mostly pain

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hardfi 11 Jul 2010

No, its an anti-seizure and for chronic pain.. It also is used for xanax withdrawl. Its a mood stabilizer

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