Has anyone been on metroprolol that is now on bystolic and finds it anymore effective or with less side effects? I'm 26 and have a genetic history for hypertension and tachycardia. My doctor had me trying 5mg samples and it seemed to work at keeping my BP and HR in normal ranges and I didn't experience any side effects that I noticed as he said the bystolic was known for having less side effects than other beta blockers. Now I'm on Metoprolol 50mg daily because my insurance wouldn't cover bystolic probably because it is so new and while it seems to be working, I had to start taking it at night before I go to bed rather than during the day when I'm active because I would start to feel drowsy and dizzy at times later in the day around 4-5pm and my M.D. said it was probably a side effect of the metoprolol and suggest I take it at night instead. I also take Vyvanse during the day for my ADHD so I'm not sure how that might be interacting with the metoprolol creating the side effects but I wasn't experiencing them when I was taking bystolic and vyvanse both in the morning.

Any advice from anyone who has been on any or all of these meds?

I'm going to see about seeing if I can get back on bystolic if I can convince my insurance to cover it because of the side effects of metoprolol and what not.