I have the Nexplanon implant in my left arm. I got it in November of 2015. So about a year and a half ago. I was in a car accident on July 6th of this year and my arm with the Nexplanon got injured. Not broken or anything but got really banged up and had a big bruise on my arm. Now two weeks after my car accident I'm having a full on period I mean like cramps and everything. I haven't had one since I started this birth control and I haven't even spotted in over 10 months. Is this normal or could something have happened to my birth control in the car accident and now it's not working. I'm worried because I asked the nurse when she was putting it in if it could brake and she said not unless some major trauma happened to my arm like in a car accident or something. So my question is, I've had a car accident and now I'm having my period. Please someone tell me. Is this normal or should I stock up on condoms?