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Infections - what antibiotics are used for spider bites?

5 Answers

Jennifer Burton-Lyon 21 Oct 2019

Dont know what spider. 3 days ago. Hospital lanced drained and packed bite. What antibiotic?

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Angelique71 18 June 2019

Doxycycline Can this antibiotics be used for a spider bite ? I don’t know what kind of spider it was

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kristin_jobe2002 8 July 2018

Do not know which kind of spider and this happened several weeks ago. Appeared to be getting better then I woke up to a swollen red foot. I was given some penicillin from a friend but have not taken them. I have been keeping foot elevated and this morning swelling was down but is back after being on my feet most of the day.

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jaysjmpr 21 Nov 2013

Do you know what the spider was? I was bitten by a brown recluse spider and waited three days to get to a doctor. By then it was IV vanc (draino) and operations to stop the progress of the tissue death. Maybe you should get in to a medical clinic. If you have the spider take it with you to the clinic.

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kaismama 20 Nov 2013

If they are infected, you need to see a dr. Depending on the spider they can get nasty pretty fast. Drugs like keflex are used for the infection.

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