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Ciprofloxacin - Can it be used to treat spider bites?


shell2013 27 May 2016

Not sure depends on what kind of spider. It could be a spider that it's bites are bad Luke brown recluse and it eats the skin. But you should contact a doctor for sure. It is a potent antibiotic used for many things it is given for anthrax soooo. But you can not play with spider bites, it would get to doctor or go to urgent care if would not wait the weekend as it will be worse if you see it infected.

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Stephen Treloar 28 May 2016

I'm from Australia and while most of our spiders are totally harmless (the really big ones), some of the small ones have really nasty bites. Some are straight poisonous while others just inject some saliva with the bite infecting the person with some nasty necrotising bacteria that is ultra drug resistant. If there is a visible growing red mark the following day, see a doctor. One of ours only gives you 15 minutes. free discount card

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