New here, just a little background on me - I've been on Sertraline for the past 5ish years. I started on a low dose, and noticed that every 4-6 months I'd have to increase just a bit because the anxiety would come back.
I've always been reluctant about putting any sort of medication in my body for fear of it giving an adverse reaction/making me feel worse and GI upset (one of my weird OCD thoughts! ugh!).
I'm finally with doctors I trust and that's a relief, but I've been in a tough spot with a lot of stress going on lately, and my panic attacks and OCD thoughts are back a little bit. I've been given 25mg sertraline to add to the 150, to make 175 ... so my main question is
Will this small increase give me any stomach upset or side effects? (I've been lucky in the past and I don't recall the initial start of the zoloft or any of the increases giving me any side effects)